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Prevent Puppy Bitting


Biting is a natural behaviour which allows the puppy to find out about it's world.  If it likes what it puts in its mouth it will carry on biting, if not it stops.


There are a number of methods to prevent puppies biting:


Exchange your hand, clothing or foot for a toy or chew bone



Stop playing or stroking, whatever activity is giving the puppy an opportunity to bite


Remove the item and put out of reach, i.e. stand up so your dog can't reach your hand - put valuables such as shoes in the cupboard


If you puppy is still biting - walk out the room, count to 15 and return.  Say Hi! in a fun voice and if the puppy greets you without biting resume a game or make a fuss of your dog.  If the puppy is still wanting to take your hand off at the wrist, repeat this exercise until the biting stops.